Jennifer Priester


I am an author, artist, book layout designer, and owner of the publishing company A & M Moonlight Creations.

As an author my first published work is my uniquely written Mortal Realm Witch Series for anyone ages 8 and up who loves to read fun stories about animals and magic

Besides the Mortal Realm Witch series, I have many other fiction books about animals, the relationships between humans and animals, magic, the supernatural, superheroes, and more on the way as well as some nonfiction books.

Many of the books I write feature characters and stories inspired by animals I have owned or met. These animals are known as my anipals. You can meet some of them in the Meet the Anipals section of this site and discover which books and characters they have inspired.

You can find/follow me on most social media sites. Links to my Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Google +, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram pages, as well as the link to my blog, can be found on the right.

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