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Available Books

The Mortal Realm Witch Series! 

Enter a new world of magic and talking animals!

In Book One meet DWW, who is just learning she's a witch and her dog can talk. Throughout these short stories, each of which is told by a different character, DWW's tale of growing up, her struggles to learn responsibility and her discovery of magic is told. 
In Book Two meet Turtle, a young witch, whose adventures help continue the main story. DWW's life in the Other Realm begins, bringing with it bigger challenges, and a big threat to all witches will be discovered! Everything will lead up to what could be the biggest event in all witch/mortal history!

In Book Three DWW will try to bring peace between witches and mortals by uniting the Realms in this full length novel, but are witches and mortals as ready for this as DWW believes them to be? In the process of uniting the Realms, she will discover some new and surprising facts about the events leading up to her becoming the Head of the Witches Council and form a new friendship with an old enemy. 

In Tales of Familiars many familiars tell their individual stories. Some share about a special adventure they had or challenge they faced as they attempt to teach their witches and warlocks about magic and life. Other familiars believe they are ready to become witches and warlocks again but first must prove this by passing unique and creative tests created by DWW. Will they all pass? 

Click here to learn more about these books and other books in the Series.

Mortal Realm Witch: Realms Unite? (Mortal Realm Witch #3)
Mortal Realm Witch: The Magic Continues (Mortal Realm Witch #2)
Tales of Familiars: The First Mortal Realm Witch Series Companion (Mortal Realm Witch)
Mortal Realm Witch: Learning about Magic (Mortal Realm Witch #1)
Read for Animals Anthology #2 
Animal lovers unite to help animals in shelters, sanctuaries and animal hospices. 
Some stories will make you laugh out loud; others will warm your heart and make you cry. Some stories are true, and the fantasy stories will make you think...what if? Each author and poet brings their unique writing style to make the book enjoyable. 

In this second anthology you will find two stories by Jennifer Priester. She makes no money from the sales of this book, but encourages you to buy it. 100% of the profits are donated to help animals and the eBook version only costs $2.99. A full color print edition is also available for purchase and a B&W version is in the works. 

Jennifer's two stories include;

The Unseen Truth: Find out what happens when a girl's favorite horse is sold and she is forced to ride one that she hates.

Breeder Dog meets Shelter Dogs: Parker, a Toy Poodle, was purchased from his breeder as a pet for a young boy. Two years later he finds himself in the shelter. Confused he begins to question the other dogs why they ended up there and learns a lot in the process. 

Read for Animals #2