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Book Four: The Magical Adventures of DWW2
Years have passed. During these years many things have happened, among them was the birth of Asantra, who is sometimes called DWW2 because she is the daughter of DWW.

Asantra, now ten, has grown up in the Other Realm. Throughout these five magical and adventurous stories, Asantra will become a superhero to help Mortal Realm superheroes Black Cat and Chihuahua find a missing hero, uncover an unusual villainous plan, and find a new hero in the process.

She will also attempt to bring peace between a newly adopted puppy and his owner's older dog, and accidentally set into play a chain of events that threaten to undo DWW's plans and much of what she has worked to achieve. When this happens, Asantra's opinion of mortals will be negatively influenced by what she experiences. 

During Asantra's tales, DWW will continue to work on her plan to bring witches and mortals together, begin a wolf reintroduction plan in the Mortal Realm, and attempt to restore the young witch's interest and faith in mortals as she prepares her for her role as the next Mortal Realm witch. All the while, more events happen that cause Asantra to dislike mortals further.

Throughout her adventures as a Mortal Realm witch, Asantra will meet the mortal daughter of DWW's friend who she instantly dislikes, make her two biggest enemies, begin using magic irresponsibly, and become the leader of her own wolf pack. 

She will even meet a genie who has been assigned to her as part of a trick by DWW to remind Asantra of the rewards of using her magic with good intentions in mind. Will DWW succeed or is Asantra on her way to following a much different path? 

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Mortal Realm Witch: The Magical Adventures of DWW2 (Mortal Realm Witch, #4)