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In the Works! 

This is where you can find information on all the books I currently have in progress. This page will be updated occasionally to include new books, changes to books, and new information on the books. When release of a book in this section is coming up it will be moved to the Coming Soon section of this site. 
Short Story Collections:

Heroes United. These stories might get split up into two books, but at this time, Heroes United is a collection of stories about different superheroes. The individual stories in this collection will include:

Black Cat & Chihuahua 
A young black cat and a Chihuahua puppy attempt to prove themselves as heroes.

Black Cat & Chihuahua:The Star Power Puppy 
After surviving a puppy mill and an animal shelter that uses gas chambers to eliminate unadopted animals, a young terrier discovers he has special powers and begins training with the help of the hero Black Cat.

Wonder Wolf & Wonder Horse: Their First Adventure 
(In this wacky adventure Wonder Wolf meets Levi the Wonder Horse and quickly discovers that he needs a lot of training, lesson one of which is not to use your real name if you want your identity to be a secret!

Wonder Wolf & Wonder Horse: The Fox Hunt 
Wonder Wolf and Wonder Horse are excited to be invited to, what they believe is, a mock fox hunt. When they discover it's a real fox hunt where real foxes lives are in danger, the heroes attempt to save the foxes before it's too late.

Wonder Wolf & Wonder Horse: Another Fox Hunt
 Wonder Wolf and Wonder Horse once again attempt to save some foxes from extinction. This time the animals are being hunted for something they didn't do and in order to save them the heroes must figure out who really did it.

The Environmental Quest 
A shape shifter who can become any animal or human she wants, attempts to use her powers help restore the balance of nature in her home town.

Grizzly Tracking 
A girl, who can shape shift into a Grizzly Bear, is sent to a human school to learn about their world and will soon have to choose which of the two worlds she will be living in, but first must get rid of a tracking collar that was placed on herself while in her bear form before her secret is discovered.

The Vampire's Game 
A young spy is sent on a mission to play a game created by a virtual vampire in order to stop him from becoming real and terrorizing the real world and quickly learns that, in this game, even when you win you lose.

Heroes United: The Beginning 
Black Cat and Chihuahua come across and enemy that they can't defeat alone and assemble a superhero team consisting of themselves, The Star Power Puppy, Wonder Wolf, Wonder Horse, the shape shifter Trixie and her magical tiger friend Cosmo, the Spy Girl, and the Grizzly Bear shape shifter, Grizzly Girl, in order to defeat him.

Heroes United: Memories of Ebulon 
The team's second mission took place in Ebulon. Now, The Battle of Ebulon: Entry Point 12 is retold when the heroes travel to the spy base with Spy Girl in order to get new gadgets to be used on missions. Here the answers to questions such as why many of Spy Girl's gadgets are food related, and others are told as the heroes tell about that day from their individual points of view.

Heroes United: Trapped in Virtual Reality
 The Virtual Vampire figures out a way to enter reality by trapping Heroes United in the virtual world. The heroes find themselves in a game which they hope, upon winning, will return them home in order to stop the Virtual Vampire.

Heroes United: When Were Wolf Joined 
A boy with the ability to become a wolf joins Heroes United and they soon begin to question his ability to be a hero.

Heroes United: Return to Ebulon 
An all new story based on the events in Shadow of All Worlds, the sequel to The Battle of Ebulon.

The End of Crimson Claw  
Black Cat and Chihuahua's biggest villain's story come to an end. After previous events Crimson Claw begins to question his role as a villain and attempts to prove nothing has changed by challenging Black Cat, Chihuahua, and Star Power to a race to save a litter of kittens and their mother before time runs out.

Currently Unnamed; a collection of different animal adventure stories which currently include the stories of:

Rescue Farm 
After a new, cruel owner buys the farm which has served as both a rescue center and a home for stray animals of all kinds, many of the animals go on a journey to find and bring back the original owners. In the meanwhile, in case of failure, the animals left behind attempt to learn skills from each other that will help them survive if they must become strays.

Chibi & Kojikaki: The Search For a Home 
Two young Mini Rex rabbits find themselves abandoned and quickly promise each other that no matter what they will find a permanent home together, but this will not be easy. While finding a safe home in the wild is hard, even for a bunny with special survivial abilities, adventure is not.

The Wolf Champion 
The world of dogs is seen through the eyes of a wolf who finds himself both curious and a little envious of the life dogs live. When he learns that all the dogs he observed at a dog show in the park were decended from wolves, he developes a plan to save his species by reminding humans that wolves are the original dogs. To do this he will travel to dog shows, agility trials, and other dog competitions to take part in them. He soon learns that getting in these places is difficult and even harder to escape from when the humans don't react as he hopes they will, but this doesn't make him give up. Somehow he will make his plan, for humans give wolves the same respect as they do their dogs, succeed. 

Cats & Dogs Unite 
A town divided by cat lovers and dog lovers have put the stray dog and cat populations at risk. The cat lovers want to save the cats and get rid of the dogs and the dog lovers want to save the dogs and get rid of the cats. If both sides go to war with each other there is a good chance neither species will survive. Due to this the spirits choose one cat and one dog whose job it is to lead and bring both their species together believing that if the cats and dogs are seen working together to save their individual species the humans will do the same. Both the cat and dog are given half of a magical stone that when put together will be help them on their journey. However, first the two animals must find each other. 

Pit Bull Park 
Believing his puppy will have a better chance of survival on the streets than in an animal shelter, a man dumps his young Pit Bull at a nearby park where it soon runs into trouble in the form of a much larger street dog. The young pup is rescued by the leader of a pack of "dangerous dogs", each dog in the pack was labled dangerous by the humans for one reason or another. The puppy dreams of living with humans again and his friendliness towards them soon leads to trouble for the pack. Because they can't take any risks that might lead to the pack being discovered by humans, the leader forces the pup to leave the pack. Before the Pit Bull puppy leaves he is informed of a legendary place called Pit Bull Park which is rumored to be a safe place for all breeds. While no dog can confirm it's existance and the place might be nothing more than a legend, the puppy sets off to find it leading him on a big adventure. 

Currently Unnamed; a collection of different stories about cats and/or horses which currently include the stories of:

The Cat's Pack 
A cat takes control of a pack full of young wolves, who having escaped from life as human pets, don't know how to survive on their own.

Cabin Cats 
A group of kids go away to summer camp and discover a mother cat and her newborn kittens in their cabin. Knowing the camp owner hates cats they attempt to save them and find homes for them all before the owner finds out.

The Lost Kittens 
While petsitting for their neighbors, two kids accidentally let the kittens escape.

A Pony Called Pegasus 
An abused pony dicovers a magical secret about himself when he is adopted by two young kids.

Pegasus the Great 
The legendary Pegasus soars in two adventures in which he first finds himself saving Hades before helping a Cyclops find a very unusual sheep.

A True Nightmare 
A girl who wants a horse finally gets one only to discover what she gets is the horse of her nightmares. Now she must figure out how to turn her into the horse of her dreams.

Horse Love 
When two horses begin acting strange after a horse show, the owners must figure out what is wrong with them.

The Unseen Truth 
A boy's favorite horse is sold and he is forced to ride his least favorite one, during which time he discovers a side of the horse that he never knew about. Before publication in this book, this story was featured in the second Read for Animals Anthology.

Currently Unnamed; a collection of different stories about dogs which currently include the stories of:

Trouble the Mutt 
A dog is adopted from a shelter and finds himself in danger of going back if he can't stop getting into trouble.

The Mutt 
A former street dog is adopted only to discover that he wants his old life back. He loves his new family and doesn't want to leave them but how can he have things both ways?

Mage's Stray 
A dog adopts a stray kitten and attempts to figure out how to take care of it.

Bird Dog 
When an animal hating dog brings home an egg and it hatches he will have to decide what to do with the hatchling that comes out of it.

A Chihuahua's Tale 
When the only surviving puppy in a litter's mother dies, shelter workers decide to attempt to get a mother cat to add it as an additon to her own litter of newborns. This is successful, however growing up in a litter of kittens isn't easy for the little dog as he quickly finds himself confused about what humans expect from him.

Terror or Terrier? 
A girl wants a dog. More specifically she wants some type of terrier. Her parents say terriers are too high energy and she wouldn't be able to handle it, but when she finds a lost West Highland White Terrier she convinces her parents to let her care for it while they search for the owner in order to prove she can handle a terrier, but can she?

The Search For Taco's Family 
A girl wonders about the events that led up to her becoming the owner of a Chihuahua. She knows much of his life before he was hers but can't help wondering about his past and goes on a search to discover where he came from and if he has any living family members.

Currently Unnamed; a collection of stories about random animals which currently include the stories of: 

The Kangaroo at Camp 
What will a boy do when he discovers a kangaroo at his camp?

Animal Test 
When a volunteer at her local animal shelter learns that it is closing she sets out to find homes for all the animals before it's too late.

Perfectly Obedient 
A scientist develops collars that force his cat and dog to act obedient all the time. 

Tornado the Ferret  
A girl gets a pet ferret only to discover that they are a lot harder to care for than she expected.

Pack Leader 
In another world, the male leader of a tiny wolf pack dies leaving the female alone with just herself and her three pups. Another male wolf attempts to take over the pack, but the female insists she can lead the pack by herself. Attempting to prove herself leads her to accept a dog into the pack to help care for the pups while she hunts but this might not be enough. Can she lead the pack alone or will she be forced to agree with the other wolf that her pack needs another pack leader?

The Ostrich in the Park 
A boy finds an ostrich one day while in the park and brings it home with him.

Pet Sitting Trouble 
A boy starts a pet sitting business at his house and quickly ends up with too many animals to care for at a time.

Half elephant, half dog, this mixed bred animal is born into the life of a circus animal.

Mouse's Dog 
When a mouse decides he wants to own a dog his mom says it's impossible, but is it?

The Garden Rabbit 
A dog, whose job it is to keep rabbits out of his owner's garden, befriends and secretly begins to take vegetables for him.

The Dog and the Rabbit 
A dog and a rabbit live together but don't get along. Something will need to change, but what will it be?

Currently Unnamed; a collection of different magical, supernatural, and sci-fi stories which currently include the stories of:

The Rabbit Came Back! 
When a boy's abused pet rabbit dies he is afraid his rabbit might come back to haunt him for this. He wants a second rabbit and upon getting one he promises not to hurt it and prays for his first rabbit's help in protecting it. When the boy forgets his promise and begins to go back on his old ways so does his first rabbit, and she does not look happy!

An Alien Friendship 
A girl suddenly finds herself alone in town and discovers an alien ship has landed nearby. Though she doesn't see any signs of humans she is relieved when she comes across her friend's dog, but she soon discovers that the dog has been hiding a secret from everyone.
The Monsters in the Park 
A boy discoveres his dog has been living with two families, one of which happen to be made up of monsters.  

Perfect Pet 
A girl buys products, for her dog, from a magical catalougue that calls itself the Perfect Pet catalogue and gets more than what she expected.

Spotted Personalities 
A witch with two dalmatians wonders what her dog's reflections would act like and brings them into the real world. 

A New Animal Psychic 
A girl with psychic abilities must learn how to deal with her regular life and duties while still fufilling her duties to the animals who need her.

Large Eyed Bird 
A canary is born with extra large eyes that make him look very unusual. No one wants him until the owner's neighbor, a young boy, begins to take an interest in the bird. Upon bringing it home he discovers that the bird has some very unusual abilities.

A yet to be named space adventure
A space dog and his human's adventures through space are captured.

Currently Unnamed; a collection of Christmas stories which currently include the stories of:

Santa's Best Christmas 
Santa makes Christmas the best time of year for many kids, but what could make the best Christmas for him? 

Christmas Wishes
 The son of Santa, who has no plans on becoming the next Santa if he doesn't find what he is looking for, travels to visit various kids to discover if the true spirit of Christmas still lives in them or not. Each kid gets the chance to prove him wrong about them by making a wish.

The Elf Prince 
A bad elf, with the power of transformation, is fired by Santa. Before leaving he steals one of Santa's magical bags. Many years later he becomes a king and has a child. The child is born with the power to duplicate any nonliving object. When the kid learns that he has everything while the people they rule over have nothing he sets out to lean why. When he learns about his dad's bag he steals it and secretly begins using it to help the people...until his dad finds out.

Books that contain short interconnecting stories:

The Dogs That Saved the World 
Five dogs find themselves in strange situations in which they believe they become responsible for saving the world, but the biggest threat might just come from themselves.

Back to the Wild 
Animals return to the wild after having lived with humans for various reasons.

The Young Animal Psychics 
Two kids, with the ability to talk to, and understand, animals use their abilities to help them. 

"Good Luck" Animal Shelter 
A girl moves to a very strange town with many legends. She discovers there is no local animals shelter and proceeds to open one where she learns that the animals themselves aren't your average pets and each animal has a secret.

Chapter Books:

Becoming Human (Title is working title only) 
A Chow Chow mix puppy makes a wish to become human in order to find and save her mom and siblings. When she discovers that the wish might be permanent she begins to attempt to fit in with humans, but, being a dog, she finds this to be difficult as she doesn't understand their ways. Everything is different and confusing. Humans don't seem to like her yet claim they love dogs. So why is it she can't be herself and fit in with them at the same time? Can a dog ever learn to be human? 

A girl believes she is living with a curse. Everything she does leads to failure. No matter what she does or how much she wants somthing to happen, things never work out. She can't make and keep friends, she seems to be followed around by bad luck as things happen to her that, in her opinion, just couldn't happen to anyone else, and even her own dog doesn't seem to like her. The only explaination for this is that she must be cursed, but what is the curse and how can she break it?  

Friends Until the End (Working Title)
(Working promo piece) Would you choose to remain friends with your best friend even if it meant death?

Second Person Stories
An unnamed adventure in which the reader becomes The Star Power Puppy and chooses his role in an adventure with Black Cat and Chihuahua.

Comic Books/Graphic Novels:

Spider & Jackal 
When a younger dog is adopted and brought into his home, an old Toy Poodle devises multiple plans to get the other dog to leave, but when his plans fail will he be able to learn to get along with the young Chihuahua? Besides this main story, Spider & Jackal features several other humorous stories at the end. 

Nonfiction Books:

Animals in the Shelters

Animal Snippets: Memories of My Pets and Anipals

Just Dreaming: The Dreams I Had and the Stories They Became


Animal World

Animal World: Endangered

Animal World is a couple of book series that I am working on that are fictional stories featuring true facts about animals. The aim of this series is to educate readers about animals and their lives in a fun and entertaining way. In total the Animal World series will feature over 250 animals in 41 books. The series will be split into three parts: Animal World, Animal World Super Editions, and a split off series: Animal World: Endangered.

The first Animal World series will have 22 regular books, and 5 super editons. 

The split off series: Animal World: Endangered, will have 14 books and will focus exclusively on endangered species.

At the end of each book will also be a nonfiction section featuring some facts about each of the animals in the book as well as a nonfiction introduction in the beginning to introduce the biome or common thing each animal has in the book. For example, the one book in the series will be about animals that live in the Alpine, so in the beginning, a nonfiction intro to the Alpine environments with information such as the locations they are found in and the animals that live in them, will be presented before the stories that are in the book. Then in the ending nonfiction section I will go into more detail about the animals in the stories which will feature both facts I used in the story as well as some other interesting facts about the animals.