Jennifer Priester
If you are visiting my 
site chances are you 
are either a reader or thinking of getting 
my books for a reader. 

You may have noticed, 
as you view this site, that I have many books 
planned for the future. 
Do any of them interest you?

If so you probably want to see them get published. Did you know there is a simple way you can help make this happen? 

Buying my current books is one way, but this is actually not what I am talking about. The simple way you can help is by leaving a review 
wherever my books are listed after you have 
read them. This is 
especially helpful if you really liked them. 

Just one or two sentences is all that is needed, and some places, such as Goodreads, allow you to rate books without having to leave a review. This also helps, though not as much. 

Anyway, if you like my books I encourage you to leave a review in one or more of the following places, Goodreads, 
Amazon, and/or 
Barnes and Noble. 

Remember, by helping an author you are also helping yourself. And if you haven't read my books but are the 
parent or relative of a 
child who has, you can simply ask them for their opinion of the book and write a 
review for them. 

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