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Meet the Anipals

I love animals and own several and as a result there will always be at least one animal in every story I write! I have adopted most of my pets from rescue centers ever since my first adoption I have only ever rescued my pets. In the future I plan to continue to adopt my pets and at some point in time may even become an animal foster.

Here you can meet some of the pets and other animals that appear either as themselves or characters throughout my books!

And after you have met the anipals, you can learn a little more about each of the stories mentioned, such as what book they are in, at the end of this page. You can also learn about other books in progress by visiting the In the Works! section of this site! 
This is my Chihuahua and first rescue dog, Taco. Although not adopted from a shelter he is considered a rescue because he was saved from ending up in one. 

Taco enjoys cuddling with his humans, sleeping, food, occasional bike rides, and car rides...just as long as the car ride isn't to the vet's! He also enjoys laying in the sun, burrowing under blankets, wearing a sweater in winter, and doing anything that keeps him as warm as he can get.

Taco doesn't like baths, eating treats with liver in them, eating hard dog treats, and being called a cat. 

This little dog has some strange habits which have helped earn him many characters in my stories. Some of these habits include; some cat-like behaviors such as rubbing against people for attention and pouncing on toys when he does play. He also loves to play a game known as Disobedience when I give him a command. The word "come" usually results in him going towards the next nearest person. "Stay" encourages him to walk off. When given the "down" command he will go halfway and put himself in a play bow instead of going all the way down. "Shake" is probably the one he gives me the closest to when I ask for it. When given this command he pounces on me with both paws rather than one, which he might really believe is what I am asking for. However, except for the "shake" command, when I have food Taco will perform every command perfectly. 

The fiction stories Taco has a character in include: Black Cat and Chihuahua, Black Cat and Chihuahua 2: The Star Power Puppy, Black Cat and Chihuahua 3, The Origin of Wonder Wolf, Heroes United, The Battle of Ebulon "Entry Point 12", and Shadow of All Worlds as Chihuahua, who at the start of Black Cat and Chihuahua, is called Brown Puppy, then later is sometimes called Pup and Amigo. Besides this character Taco is in A Chihuahua's Tale as the Chihuahua character, The Search For Taco's Family as Taco, Rescue Farm as Prince, and Spider and Jackal as Jackal. And Taco also inspired the Other Realm dog breed called the Mystical Chi. 

The nonfiction books Taco will be in include: Animals in the Shelters, and Animal Snippets: Memories of My Pets and Anipals.

To see more photos of Taco and watch some of his videos you can visit and/or follow him at:

This is Chibi. He was a Mini Rex that I found through Petfinder, a pet adoption site. I adopted him along with his sister Kojikaki who you will meet next. Chibi enjoyed food, exploring, chewing, cuddling, and licking pillows. He also liked Taco, especially when he growled, and digging on blankets. He particularly enjoyed digging on blankets when Taco was under them to make Taco growl. 

The fiction stories Chibi is featured in include: Chibi and Kojikaki: The Search For a Home as Chibi, and Spider and Jackal as the Dutch rabbit called Harmony. 

The nonfiction books Chibi is in include: Animals in the Shelters, and Animal Snippets: Memories of My Pets and Anipals.

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This is Kojikaki. Like her brother, Kojikaki is a Mini Rex rabbit. Kojikaki enjoys being free, treats, and minimul cuddling. She is a bit demanding and territorial. 

The ficiton stories Kojikaki is featured in include: Chibi and Kojikaki: The Search For a Home as Kojikaki, Rescue Farm as Whirlwind, and Spider and Jackal as Black Fang.

The nonfiction books Kojikaki is in include: Animals in the Shelters and Animal Snippets: Memories of My Pets and Anipals.

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Oreo was a Dutch mix and the first pet I ever rescued. She was a friendly rabbit, although a little territoral. She enjoyed treats, cuddling, bike riding and hopping around indoors and outdoors. She was very brave and adventurous, especially for a rabbit.

Besides bike rides Oreo also loved to go for car rides, occasionally requesting them much like a dog would. Through controlled testings on a harness and leash, it was discovered that almost nothing could scare this little rabbit. Dogs were met with territorial boldness, and loud noises were met with incredible calmness. Once she was even outside while fireworks were going off which could be viewed easily from our house. Her reaction to all the noise was nothing more than a quick look up before pulling the leash towards a section of grass where she could sit and snack. Her only fears were cats and hawks.

One thing Oreo hated was squirrels. That was probably because a squirrel once ran over her when she was sitting under her favorite tree. 

Oreo's fiction stories and characters include: The Rabbit Came Back! as Skunk.

The nonfiction books Oreo is in include: Animals in the Shelters, and Animal Snippets: Memories of My Pets and Anipals.

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CeJaye was a Toy Poodle and my first dog. He wasn't a rescue, and came from a breeder. I didn't get any choice in the dog I got or where it came from so at the time rescuing one was not an option. 

CeJaye was very smart and loved to play. He also loved to go for walks but we didn't go for many because he rarely let me put the leash on him without biting and he would only walk with me once we got past the driveway and onto the street.

He also really loved food and attention but never both at the same time. For most of his life he was a thief and a guarder of stolen items. He was also food aggressive. At the end of his life all he stole were papers, but he did this every chance he got whether the paper was in use or not. He also decided as he got older that he wanted to and wouldn't eat unless someone hand fed him.
The fiction stories and characters based off CeJaye include: Spider and Jackal as Spider, Pit Bull Park as Goldendestiny, The Dog and The Rabbit as Rascal, and Parker in Breeder Dog Meets Shelter Dogs. Breeder Dogs Meets Shelter Dogs is a story featured in the Read for Animals Anthology #2.

The nonfiction books CeJaye is in include: Animal Snippets: Memories of My Pets and Anipals.
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Friendly was my first rabbit. She was a purebred Dutch and came from a 4H club. Like CeJaye, I didn't get to choose where she came from.
Friendly was a very friendly rabbit and very smart. She loved attention and because of this she has been the only pet I have ever been able to teach to play dead. She also knew how to stay on command, which is something all my pets have learned at sometime in their lives. 

Of all the rabbits I have ever had, Friendly was the strangest when it came to food. She loved treats from the pet store, but I could never get her interested in eating fresh vegetables. 

I got Friendly when I was in second grade and at the time I hadn't yet owned enough pets to really observe this, but Friendly was a really patient rabbit. There are things I did to her that even Taco, who is pretty patient, would never put up with. One thing she let me do was to dress her in doll clothes, and while Taco loves his sweaters he would never have allowed me to put doll clothes on him.

The fiction books and characters Friendly is in include: The Rabbit Came Back as Oreo, and The Dog and the Rabbit as Pepper.

The nonfiction books Friendly is in include: Animal Snippets: Memories of My Pets and Anipals.

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Lucky may or may not have been a purebred cat. All I know about her is that she was a black domestic shorthair. When I met her she was a barn cat but at some time in her life she had been a housecat. When I first met her she had already been living at the barn for several years so I don't really know anything about her history.

What I do know is that Lucky was a really friendly barn cat. She loved attention, treats, laying in the sun and out of all the cats I have ever known she is still one of my favorites. 

The fiction stories and characters based on Lucky include: Black Cat and Chihuahua, Black Cat and Chihuahu 2: The Star Power Puppy, Black Cat and Chihuahua 3, Heroes United, The Origin of Wonder Wolf, and The Battle of Ebulon "Entry Point 12" as Black Cat, sometime called B.C. by Chihuahua, who is also known as Lucky. She also inspired me to use domestic short hair cats as the cats featured in the story of Cabin Cats.

The nonfiction books she will be featured in include: Animal Snippets: Memories of My Pets and Anipals.

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Levi was a fun and lovable Appendix Quarter Horse. He was a lesson horse and managed to tie Sunny, who you will meet later, as my favorite horse. He was really friendly with almost everyone, human or animal, that he met. He really loved to be with ponies and humans, and was also interested in dogs...and rocks.

Levi's favorite kind of humans were the type who would cuddle with him and give him treats. He also really liked to play, and would play with almost anything. Outside, in the pasture, he played with rocks, other horses, and ponies. Indoors, when I was with him, he was known to take my brushes, hoof pick, riding crop, and once he even took my whole grooming bag! He also sometimes tried to play with the strap on my riding vest, the buckle on my chaps, and a few times he was caught in the act of licking my helmet!

Other than occasionally seeing if I would let him play with my grooming equipment, Levi was a very easy horse to tack. He brushed and saddled with no complaints at any time. The bit, on occasion, took a little encouragement but usually he took it within a few seconds. 

As for riding, Levi was first trained as a Western horse and had to be taught English. He soon became a very good horse for both riding styles.  

Although originally a Western horse, Levi took an interest in jumping and occasionally liked to try to encourage his riders to go towards jumps when they were set up, even when there was no jumping planned for the lesson.

Within my first year of being with him, Levi quickly found his way into my stories at the highest level, which for me, the highest level usually means that I have created a superhero based off them. 

Levi is in a few fiction stories as the character of Wonder Horse, who is also called Levi, in the stories of: Wonder Wolf and Wonder Horse, Heroes United, and The Battle of Ebulon "Entry Point 12".

The nonfiction books that he will be in include: Animal Snippets: Memories of My Pets and Anipals.

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Felix and Sunny were both Arabians and lesson horses. Sunny was the first favorite horse I ever had and Felix came later. Sunny was smart, friendly, and was a lot of fun to ride and be around. She was also the first horse I ever did any jumping on as well as the first horse I rode that occasionally got spooked. When she spooked she never ran off, just jumped, so normally she was really easy to ride. I don't really remember much else about her except that she liked to pull her head down when I rode her. Strangely it didn't bother me with her but it always did with any other horse.

When I first rode Sunny it was because of a mistake. I was supposed to ride Felix but she was in Felix's stall. To me they looked a like, and not yet able to tell mare's apart from geldings, until I actually got on I didn't know she was the wrong horse. Since she was a good horse, the instructor let me stay on her and after that first ride she became my lesson horse until she got older and began getting lame a lot at which time I had to switch horses.

After Sunny I somehow ended up back on Felix, who in personality is somewhere between CeJaye and Kojiaki combined. He can be really fun when he wants to be, but is a bit territorial. At the same time I have only gotten bit by him a few times where with CeJaye it was a lot more than that and Kojikaki has only ever scratched. 

Overall Felix is a good horse and easy ride, but due to a few personalty differences we rarely do anything together anymore although I do still give him treats sometimes. 

Sunny and Felix are both characters in the same fiction story: The Unseen Truth. In this book Sunny is the palomino horse called Angel, and Felix is an Arabian called Striker. Though The Unseen Truth will be featured in one of my books, it was first published in the Read for Animals Anthology #2. 

Besides, The Unseen Truth, Sunny also inspired a few other books. Although not a character in them, Sunny inspired the books of: The Young Animal Psychics, and A New Animal Psychic. Once you read The Unseen Truth, which is based off a true story, you will know why and how she inspired these stories.

Both horses will also be included in the nonfiction book: Animal Snippets: Memories of My Pets and Anipals.
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